Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Consumer Health Librarian's National Library of Medicine Grant Funded Project in Second Life

The NLM grant funding this project ends on May 1, 2010 and I felt it was important to document my experience. It's been a truly remarkable journey. My hope is that this presentation (and speaker notes) will provide viewers a sense of what working as a Consumer Health Librarian in Second Life entails, will enlighten those who are not familiar with virtual worlds and Second Life, and will be found interesting and informative to those of you who are already conversant with the technology and culture.

Below is the link to view the full presentation or click the "Menu" button above (on the bottom left of the full presentation is an "Actions" drop down menu which will allow you to choose "Show Speaker Notes" to view further info for each slide)

Also uploaded this presentation to Slideshare.

Update: A twitter bud, Dr. Kent Bottles, wrote a great post (and not just because he mentions me :) ) titled "Second Life & Twitter: Expanding My Understanding of Health Care Innovation"

I'm looking forward to presenting on May 5, at the 13th Annual ICSI/IHI Colloquium On Health Care Transformation in St. Paul, MN. My presentation is titled "How Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and Patients Use Second Life"- Join us!