Thursday, November 15, 2007

More on Relevance-Academic Libraries/Librarians

Two articles -
This first article is titled The Blended Librarian: A Blueprint for Redefining the Teaching and Learning Role of Academic Librarians
by Stephen J. Bell and John Shank C&RL News, July/August 2004
Vol. 65, No. 7
The second article "A Strategy for Academic Libraries in the First Quarter of the 21st Century" (click pdf link at top) by David W. Lewis, College & Research Libraries 68(5)(September 2007): 418-434.

It's important that academic librarians begin discussing and acting upon what these authors have researched. I'm feeling an urgency about this. I have proposed a meeting to discuss these articles with the library director and librarians at my university. I'll write more about this after the meeting.


Mesoj said...

Did you have your meeting? I'd love to know what you've decided based upon this research.

Robin Ashford said...

Yes, we had our meeting. It went fairly well and we began the process of planning for our library's future. We focused on the library as place section in both articles for now. There are challenges in that area due to a tight budget year, but small steps are being taken that are not too costly to make the current space more appealing to undergrads. It's a start!