Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Librarian Reviews XO Laptop

I just uploaded the video below to YouTube. It is my attempt to provide an overview of this amazing little machine and its cutting edge technology. I wish all the best for the One Laptop Per Child Foundation. Nicholas Negroponte is a true visionary and I applaud his efforts to help provide an education to children in developing nations. I wonder if he and others working with the OLPC realize how much they are educating adults in this nation as we partner with them to help bridge the gap in the digital divide.


Dogtrax said...

Great video to share with people who are interested about what they are hearing the news but don't know what the XO is all about.
Kevin said...

OLPC is a great program and I am happy to see that they are now including needy children in America. There is so much to be gained for our youth by being connected. Kids that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity can benefit from live online study groups and more. But we also need to ensure that they have affordable high speed internet access as well. The Communications Workers Of America have been working towards that goal with their project, Speed Matters. Check out more information on how we can achieve this at their website

ChrisJF said...

Thank you for the wonderful review.

You make me regret not purchasing an XO when I had the chance!