Friday, August 1, 2008

Second Life, YouTube, Podcasts & Online Learning

This morning I took a survey on Second Life (SL). The survey is for research which has been approved by the University Review Board at East Carolina University. When the survey was finished, I was taken to what I felt was a valuable website and video worth sharing. The information here will be most valuable to those in education who are involved with, or considering, online education in any form.

As the reference & distance services librarian at my university, I have been heavily involved the last few months in developing a presence in Second Life. This week I completed a course from Boise State University titled "Teaching & Learning in Second Life." And I am currently assisting a professor from my university with a group of doctoral students who are using SL to learn about the religious and educational communities in this virtual world. I have learned a great deal the last few months and will reflect on my experiences further soon.

For now, I'll just say that I believe East Carolina University is on the right track.

I'll also add that I believe more than ever, based on my recent experiences, that virtual worlds will be an important component of the future of online learning.

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