Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Educause Review - Sept/Oct 2008 Virtual Worlds - Must Read For Those In Higher Education

I've barely finished reading half of this Educause Review volume, but felt I had to post something here to get this out there.

If you work in higher education, whether you're staff, faculty or administrator - it's important that you read the articles in this volume. It's important for the present and the future of higher education.

I regularly run into people in higher ed who have not heard of the phrase "virtual worlds." I just don't think we can afford to not know any longer. In the past I've considered what others in higher ed have said to me about how Second Life is not for everyone. And it may not be. But the fact is, virtual worlds will be an important part of the future of higher education.

My university and many others regularly talk about how we need to engage students in the teaching and learning process. Virtual worlds are an excellent tool for this purpose.

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