Friday, October 24, 2008

Augmented Reality-Closer to Mainstream?

Augmented reality has been around for some time, but Bruno Uzzan, from Total Immersion makes statements in the video below that cause me to think we could begin to see this technology in the main sooner rather than later. Be sure to watch the entire video, it gets even more interesting towards the end.

I'm still processing ways in which virtual world technologies can and are being used in higher education, and the timing of that phenomena. As the video above shows, augmented reality & virtual wolds work well together. The combined technologies could be used in a number of creative ways in higher education and in our every day lives. What do you think?


Charlie said...

You said that this technology may be merged with or combined with virtual world technology in future. Do you have any knowledge of communication taking place between Total Immersion and, say, Linden Labs?

Robin Ashford said...

Thanks for commenting, Charlie. Take a look at my blog post from June on Second Life for Augmented Reality

And be sure to click on Augmented Reality Will Change Everything