Monday, March 30, 2009

Twitter is Killing my Blog

Yep, it's true, it's been almost two months since my last post. But I'm fighting back. I'm taking stock of what's most important to my learning and for me it's reflecting.

I recently reread this article by Alan Levine who was responding to an article from Wired Magazine where the author suggests the blog is dead. I completely agree with Mr. Levine. As an active twitter user and an early adopter of many Web 2.0 technologies, it's most important that I take the time to reflect. I just don't learn as well if I don't, and what I do learn doesn't seem to stick unless I take the time to synthesize the information. Taking the final step to share my thoughts on this blog in a somewhat organized and logical manner is another challenge in the process. Writing has always been a difficult task for me. Someday I'll take a class, but for now I'll blog and hope I improve and learn with practice.

I resolve (to myself) to post more often on my blog. If anyone benefits from anything I have to share here that's great, but really this blog is for me and my learning first and foremost.

I started out today thinking I was going to blog about twitter and I will, but I think I'll make that a post on its own thereby writing two posts today to make up for the fact that I've barely posted in two months. Although, in my defense, I have been teaching my first course as an adjunct instructor this semester in Second Life (along with my regular full-time job as an academic librarian and keeping up with emerging technologies (mostly via twitter now), etc. This included creating a course wiki where regular reflections were required by all participants, including myself. Once the course is over I'll reflect on lessons learned and share that here as well.


Charlie said...

I think the course you are teaching, more than Twitter, is keeping you from posting regularly on your blog. I must also admit that I much more enjoy your blog than I do your tweets. I do not see blogs and Twitter serving the same communication function, in spite of some hype to the contrary.

Jez said...

It's a tricky balance to maintain, and though I try to post regularly on my blog, real life does tend to get in the way! I feel that Twitter helps me ease the pressure: I can contribute to the community without having to take the time to compose a whole blog post. In that sense, I agree with Charlie that they fulfil different functions.