Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Very Own XO Laptop Video/ OLPC

This is my first attempt at creating a video. I was inspired by my little green and white machine. My XO and the One Laptop Per Child Education Project really is wonderful and well worth learning some new technologies to promote! Please take a moment to view my one minute video on the XO laptop. Let me know what you think about the XO or if you have any questions about it at all. I will be posting a video review of my XO later this week.


Charlie said...

Cool music, Robin! Not a bad video for a first try. (I'm so sure I could do so much better...right!) Have you any word on how successful or not the whole OLPC project is so far?

Robin Ashford said...

Thanks. This is a tricky question, Charlie. The question as posted on ZDNet is: "So what’s success here? My take is Negroponte’s project is a success simply because it brought an issue to the forefront and got tech giants on board. If the Classmate is a developing world hit, you can thank OLPC."
I'm still trying to get an official number of laptops sold through the G1G1 program, and I've unofficially seen between 150-200K for that so far.
There is a messy situation currently going on as of two days ago when Intel decided to leave OLPC. Instead they will directly compete with OLPC with their Windows based Classmate PC. It really is too bad for many reasons, and will most likely seriously hurt the OLPCs ability to supply developing nations with the XO laptop.

Robin Ashford said...

And here is a quote from Negroponte:
"From my point of view, if the world were to have 30 million laptops made by competitors in the hands of children at the end of next year, that to me would be a great success. My goal is not selling laptops. OLPC is not in the laptop business. It's in the education business."