Thursday, December 20, 2007

Virtual Worlds-Immersive Education

This Chronicle article "'Immersive Education' Submerges Students in Online Worlds Made for Learning" was informative and led me to the Immersive Education site which contains valuable information for anyone wanting to investigate further.
I have been a believer of virtual worlds and their potential in higher education for some time. Most of my experience has been in Second Life. I have looked at and posted on Croquet. I believe virtual worlds are here to stay and their use in higher education will grow. It makes sense economically and as distance education continues to grow I think more universities will take advantage of the rich experiences that can be made available to their students. I'm glad to see that more folks in higher education are working to make better use of this technology for educational purposes. I will definitely continue to follow this trend. It will be important for academic librarians to have a role in these spaces.


Karen Coronado said...

Hi Robin,
You write quite a bit about Second Life but here I see that you have also been to Croquet. I am assuming that since you have such an interest in virtual worlds that you have explored others too. I'm just wondering why you favor Second Life over any of the others? Do you think that Second Life is the highest standard for virtual worlds, if so, why? I'm curious about any comparisons/contrasts that you could provide on your vw experiences. Thanks for the interesting posts!

Robin Ashford said...

Thanks for the comment, Karen. I am preparing a blog post related to your question. This is a topic we have been discussing in a few of my educator discussion groups in Second Life. I will post soon on this.